Make the real world your interface to the 3D world, with The Device.

The metaverse - the 3D future of the internet brings an entirely new angle to the way we shop, train, work, simulate, and play. However, the metaverse is constrained in terms of the physical interfaces we use to interact with it. Most AR/VR controllers on the market today are shaped like guns, with triggers and a joystick, designed for first-person shooter games. However, a gun isn’t an ideal tool when you’re painting, learning to perform surgery, or trying on a new dress. With the Device, making a custom interface to the 3D world is easier than ever, whether you’re streaming live data to a digital twin or making a custom interface for an AR training simulation. Our backend software libraries make using data from sensors to control 3D experiences quick and effortless - with plugins for accessing the data in 3D engines like Unity and Unreal.


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